“Home Based Franchises” – The Brick and Mortar Vs The Home Based Franchise Model

In the face of global economic crisis the home-based business industry is currently exploding. The way people do business is also dramatically changing. Social media and the Internet has allowed people to connect from all over the world. It is estimated (By Forbes Magazine) that 79 million people will start home based franchises between now and 2012. This industry boom will also create more online millionaires (currently emerging every 60 seconds) and the biggest transfer of wealth since the great depression.

Lets look at the differences between the brick and mortar franchise business model and the new home based franchises, or the New Online Business Model.

The Old Franchise & Traditional Business Model

1. Invested $250,000-$2,500,000
2. Five Years Until Profit
3. 15% Profit or less
4. 16 Hour Work Days As Owner
5. $40k Yr Salary as Owner
6. Teenage Employees
7. Daily Inventory
8. Expensive Rent
9. Pricey Insurance
10. More Taxes
11. Less Freedom

The New Online Business Model

1. Invested $2,500-$25,000
2. Fifteen Days Until Profit
3. 75% Profit or More
4. 3 Hr Work Days As Owner
5. $250k+ Yr Salary as Owner
6. No Employees
7. No Inventory
8. No Rent
9. No Insurance
10. Less Taxes
11. More Freedom

A home based business owner can present his business and his products in Australia while he sleeps in North America. It comes down to leverage. You need to be able to do more with less. The home based franchise model is a perfect medium to do just that and the the Internet has far too much leverage to ignore.

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Can I Start a Holiday Lighting Business?

This article will help you with tips and ways on how to start your very own holiday lighting business in 3 easy steps. It is indeed very easy to start a lighting business as it requires little investment and offers excellent returns. Anyone can get into this business in just 3 easy steps. Though if you are wondering if you should get into it or not, you should consider the fact that it is a growing industry and can earn you more than $1000 a day in the holiday season if you get your act together now.

1. Firstly, I’d recommend you to read more on this subject, which would help you to understand the importance of getting into the holiday lighting business and ways to do so. This would cost you just around $160 or so to buy the right books and they are a must buy if you are indeed serious about stepping into this industry. This would be your first investment.

2. Next, you need to start pitching for new clients early. Starting now – July or August is best as all your competitors would be looking for work after September. So, it is best to beat them to it and get the sales now.

3. Next question arises – Who would need you to hang holiday lights for them? The answer is 90% of big business organizations, even small commercial complexes and offices. So target the commercial sector and you can be assured of making enough money to last you the entire year.

So, if you follow these 3 easy steps, you are looking at $1000 a day for the holiday season of October to December. I know of a company called ‘The Perfect Light’ – They generate over a million dollars in net profits in these 3 months. Now isn’t that incentive enough to get started yourself?