Investment Gurus in Singapore

The trading/investment gurus in Singapore have been in a high demand in the recent years. They have continued to sweep the markets and making money conducting over-priced courses rather than profiting from their actual trading.

Thanks to modern telecommunications, the guru manias spring up faster now than they did decades ago. Even intelligent and educated traders follow market gurus, like staunch devotees of the Doomsday Cult in Japan

I would like to share with you the market truth, and urge you to think twice, before putting your signature on the enrollment form.

There has been a high percentage of guru followers in the markets since the time financial markets started, and these people worship their equivalent of a semi-god… Until the bubble has burst, then they will find another super star guru to worship.

For newbie, investing and trading seem complex and mysterious. This type of Gurus likes to perpetuate this myth so you’ll enroll in their “Superstar” courses at ultra-high prices. They want you to believe that there is a super-magic formula to “trade like the pros in the banks”. This is not true! The real professionals in the banks trade with simple trend and momentum trading systems with sensible money management skills.

These Magic Formula Gurus usually charges you super high prices to trade with them, high fees for newsletters, and produced endless flows of theories. They are so good at motivating the audiences that created a group of followers.

Ironically, these followers themselves are not making any real money. Some even become their freelance salesman in hope to learn more from the gurus. I know of one such guru who organize a trading trip to Bali, and guess what? Almost 90% of the followers busted their trading account!!

Traders are always looking out for a cutting-edge trading tools or better methods over others. They are like medieval knights shopping for new weapons or armor to kill the monster

Many such Gurus make use of marketing hype to make unrealistic promises to lure the greed in their audiences. I have personally known of one such Forex Guru who over-hypes his credentials. He even claims to trade for the banks and coach professional traders in SGX. In the actual fact, he is just an order taker for a brokerage house and used to voluntarily coached retail traders in SGX. Their seminars are usually very impressive and convincing. They may even engage a Caucasian (Ang Moh) to motivate the audiences.

Rehab Projects Are Often Great Investment Opportunities – Why Can They Become Huge Disasters?

A rehab project is easily seen as a great investment opportunity. You are able to purchase the project at a fraction of the replacement cost. After all the cash is invested, the total cost per square foot is far below the competition. You can see an easy path to much greater cash flow after the vacancy is filled and after the rents are increased. Unfortunately, there are a ton of issues that can throw the plan off of the expected course.

A rehab project did not get in the current condition because the owners wanted a run down dilapidated apartment complex. While the situation can be and often is the result of extended neglect, the buyer must consider that neighborhoods change, crime problems develop, basic infrastructure issues become insurmountable.

Where to begin?

First, is the property in a rentable location? Spend time understanding the schools that service the property. Look at access to employment and shopping. Find out what the crime issues are on the apartment complex. Determine what crime in the surrounding area is. Check out the demographics of the area and check with local merchants, consumer, and other sources about the reputation of the area. If too many red flags begin to develop, then you may have identified a project that could resist your best efforts to rehabilitate.

Next, if the property demonstrates solid performance, look at the physical issues with the project. Are the kitchens unable to meet expectations for today’s consumers? Is the foot print to small? What changes are required to meet utility cost expectations? Does the project require central AC? Is parking inadequate? Do the units require washers and dryers in the market and for the demographic the project will serve. What about dishwashers? Are the amenities inadequate? Are the floor plans positioned wrong for demand in the market?

In the case of infrastructure issues like those suggested for review above, the right rehab plan may well be able to resolve the issues. The key considerations are putting together a detailed rehabilitation plan that resolves the issues thoroughly for rentability. If the costs begin to rise to high for the project to be viable, you will know to abandon this prospective project. However, if you can meet the project well below your affordability considerations you have identified a potentially strong performing asset.

While the considerations above can protect against a bad decision because a rehabilitation requires repositioning the project the risk is much greater because rentup may not occur as expected. Renting costs can be too great. Rehab costs may over run. Rent rates may be weaker than expected. Management issues may be greater than anticipated. In all cases, the project can become continually more challenging and lead into failure.

How to Start Your Own Home Business – Ideas to Kick Start Your Home Business

There are many ways to kick start your home business. In this article, I would like to share with you some of the ideas on how to start your own home business with the minimal investment and maximum satisfaction.

Many of us would love to have our own products to offer to others. Having our own brand and running our own business are the motivation to start a home business for some of us. These products do not need a huge manufacturing plant. In fact, the products can be as simple handmade books, greeting cards, decorative photo frames, handmade papers, customized t-shirt, handmade bags, and jewelry. These products require very little investment. So how to start your own home business with all these products instead of just doing it as hobby? You need a plan, a business plan. You must first decide, who are going to buy your product, and why. Setting on a market segment will make it easier for you to market your products effectively. Also, you have to have self-discipline and motivation to see it through.

Provide services
You can also start a home business in providing services to others. Some of the popular choices are web design, photography, catering services, wedding planning, event planning, childcare, tuition, teaching lessons and yoga instructors. Depends on your forte and also the space available to you, you can know how to start your own home business and make it work for you in the long run. If you choose to provide service, then you will not have much headache with the inventory as having a product.

Join a network marketing company
Network marketing has become one of the most popular businesses around. It provides the opportunity for a start-up with minimal investment and a system that has been formulated by the big company. A good network marketing company will equip you with the skills and education to become a business owner. A good network marketing company will also teach you how to start you own home business step by step guided by your uplines and the team. So often, people become a better sales person, a better communicator and a better marketer after joining a network marketing company.

Internet marketing
Last but not least, the internet. If you have a computer and the internet connection, you are actually looking at the biggest market available to you, right in front of you. On the internet itself, it has tons of opportunities offered to all the internet users all the time. Check out my website below to find out specifically where you can learn how to start your own home business from the internet. Some of the common ways are, being an affiliate, blogging, writing articles, publishing ebooks, provide value-added audio and video recording. It might look a oasis of wealth if you do not understand how internet marketing works. The fact is, internet marketing is not an illusion. It is for real. Take some time to explore and find out more.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short article i have for you and hope it does give you some insights on how to start your own home business. Home business is a great way for greater freedom in your time and in your finance if you do it correctly. Work on it, make it work and keep the passion alive!